Types of Properties for sale in Sahl Hasheesh

There are three main types of properties available to buy in Sahl Hasheesh:

Resort Properties

Most projects currently available to purchase a property on fall into this category. That is a resort type development with communal areas, swimming pools and facilities with either all units as freehold properties or a mixture of properties for sale and a Hotel.


Developers will normally design and market the resort with the private owner in mind, as a result the resort is normally built differently to a hotel.

Resort developments:

Hotel Leasebacks

Certain hotels in Sahl Hasheesh offer a leaseback whereby you purchase a unit within the hotel and the hotel rents (or leases) the property back off you at an agreed rate and for an agreed period. The leaseback normally gives you a free allowance when you can use the property. This kind of purchase is ideal for those who want occasional use of the property but also prefer the security and convenience of the hotel renting and managing your property.

The leaseback schemes, also referred to as guaranteed rents normally have a pre-agreed rate which is guaranteed for a certain number of years. When the contract you sign guarantees you a certain rental income, it means you cannot receive any less than this, even if the hotel do not rent the property.

Leaseback property:


ERC have also created an area at the north of Sahl Hasheesh housing smaller plots of land for Villas. Also known as the Villa district this area contains smaller plots of 1000 to 1500m2 whereby you can buy an individual villa or build a small apartment complex. This area is ideal perhaps for thsoe wanting to spend longer periods of time living in Egypt or cater for the long term let market. Due to all the extra manegerial jobs that will be created in Sahl Hasheesh, we predict this area to have great potential for the long term, residential let market.

Residential Developments:

  • Sahl Hasheesh Residence
  • Youtopia (coming soon)

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