Guaranteed rental property in Sahl Hasheesh

What is a guaranteed rental property?

Sometimes also known as a leaseback property, guaranteed rental property is one which offers you a contractual agreement detailing how much rental income you will receive. For example you will know before you purchase your property that you may get 5% of the properties price as an annual rental guarantee.

Why would you want to buy a property with guaranteed rent in Sahl Hasheesh?

There are 2 reasons why you may consider purchasing this kind of property

  1. Less headache. When someone offers you a rental guarantee, they take on the responsibility of renting, managing and looking after the property during the rental guarantee period.
  2. Less Risk. With a rental guarantee, you get the rental guarantee whether the developer/owner rents your property or not.

Is there a catch?

  1. Rental guarantees may offer you less than  you can achieve marketing the property yourself
  2. Rental guarantees normally limit the personal usage of a property. You cannot for example use your property for 3 months while receiving a rental income

Is the rent loaded onto the price and am I paying for it?

You can normally find this by comparing the cost of the property with the competition around it. If the property with the rental guarantee are a lot higher in cost than other properties, with no added benefits, then yes the rental income is loaded on the price and you are effectively paying for your own guarantee.

Is a rental guarantee suitable for me?

Rental guarantees are suitable for Pure investors who want little involvement with management and rental of the property, and those who also want brief personal holiday usage out of their investment property.

What rental guarantee property is available in Sahl Hasheesh?

There are currently 2 developments in Sahl Hasheesh offering a rental guarantee:

Pyramisa Beach Resort

This stunnig beach front development is actually the first 5* Hotel to open in Sahl Hasheesh. The resort is a true 5* retreat with a beautiful sandy beach and the sunken city of Sahl Hasheesh directly in front. The hotel group are offering studio, 1 and 2 bedroom units within the hotel with an unmatched 10 year rental guarantee offering 7% of the properties price per year.

As part of the deal apartments come fully furnished (turnkey) and you get weeks free holiday use at ANY pyramisa resort (every year).

Find out more about Pyramisa Beach Resort

Paradise Gardens

A new exclusive resort development by the same group as the Pyramisa Beach Resort. This smaller resort opposite the public beach is offering a rental guarantee for 2 years, with different rates depending on the property purchased:

  • Studio and 1 bedroom apartments: 5% NET per year
  • 2 and 3 bedroom apartments: 6% NET per year

Find out more about Paradise Gardens

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