Sahl Hasheesh Buyers Guide

Sahl Hasheesh (meaning the Green Valley) is a new purpose built resort located in Hurghada, Egypt and is set to be the premium beach front resort along the Red Sea Riviera. The resort occupies a prime beach front bay spanning around 12kms of some of the most beautiful and virgin sandy beaches found in Egypt.

Sahl Hasheesh has a variety of offerings for the property investor and those wanting a unique home under the sun. There are a variety of options from simple apartment complexes, to exclusive 5* resorts, and right down to Hotel leaseback options.

This document is intended as a guide into the entire resort from the background and concept, to the opportunities available on the resort and right down to rental and exit strategy.

Sahl Hasheesh Old town

For many years, Sahl Hasheesh was a quiet, secluded bay just south of Hurghada where one could escape for a spot of fishing or snorkelling. There was no development in that area until in 1996 The Egyptian Resorts Company (ERC) bought the 32 Million square metre  (3,200 hectares and 8,000 acres) Resort with exclusive development rights.

ERC had a vision to develop Sahl Hasheesh into a resort community, where guests and tourists would have everything on site without ever needing to to leave the resort. A lot of attention was focused on developing unique features and attractions within the resort.

Work began firstly on developing the infrastructure of the Resort and € 180 Million was spent developing the local infrastructure including the roads, water supply and on-site treatment plans, electricity supplies, promenade and even a welcome/information and control centre.

Sahl Hasheesh Old town

The planners then set about designing the concept of the resort, attractions and strategy for development. International architects were involved in creating concepts for the resort with only the best being approved for the final plans.

Sahl Hasheesh has hotels that offer luxury and exquisite charm, due to the superb architecture and master plan designs that have taken place. The entire resort community is based on a historic concept, which is not only seen by the exterior of the hotels but the lavish interior in addition. Each hotel has a different theme and aura behind it making them each one of a kind.

The hotels are not the only places guests can spend their time. Sahl Hasheesh has an array of places to go and each area of this dynamic resort will show visitors that they never need to leave. In building an established resort there is always one main concept: cater to all peoples needs. Without this idea a resort will never be fully established, and Sahl Hasheesh is.

The Sahl Hasheesh project has the largest single area on the Red Sea Coast. It has a scale and scope that is unprecedented in the region. When completed and fully inhabited it will assume the proportions and functions of a seaside resort town such as Cannes, with its Croisettes on the Riviera. The project promises to become an Integrated Resort destination of world-class standards.

Facilities & Features

Promenade. The promenade is an essential part of the resort and was one of the first structure put in place by ERC. Since most of Hurghada has hotels occupying the beaches and very little opportunity to walk along the sea, ERC put in the promenade along the front, with a restriction to developers so they cannot build on or privatise the beaches. The promenade in place is currently about 8kms long.

Promenade looking over the bay

Arrival Piazza. This is what all visitors entering the main gate are greeted by. The Piazza is a large open space which will be used as a meeting point, with bars and shops and also used for concerts and open air performances. The Piazza is an intricate and detailed structure built in an Arabic style with cascading waterfalls running down to the promenade.

        The Sahl hasheesh Piazza

Isis Old Town. This will be the centre for entertainment of Sahl Hasheesh, containing shops, bars, restaurants as well as being next to the cinema complex, piazza, pier, and sunken city.

The Old town

Sunken City. The planners of the resort are building an entire historic city underwater along similar lines to the” lost city of Atlantis.” The ruins of the city will be seen underwater, and the concept is a pharonic city that was part of Sahl Hasheesh area, which sank millions of years ago. While walking along the boardwalk, which connects to the pier that extends into the water 250m, one will be able to see the “sunken city” whilst standing on dry land. The main attraction though will be for divers who will want to see the cities’ features at close quarters.

Marina. Boat lovers? Yes, you have come to the right place! The Resort of Sahl Hasheesh has plans to have the largest Marina in the Red Sea, as well as a yacht club. With a resort community as large as this one and with so many foreign investors, it is imperative that we have enormous vicinity for boats and yachts to dock. Having a “yacht club” is a little something extra for those people who really love the sea so they can meet with people and enjoy a passion they have. Guests who do not have yachts or boats can still go lounge at the “yacht club”

Golf. There will up to 5 Golf courses in the initial phases of Sahl Hasheesh, with the first two already under construction. This will be  the perfect golfers paradise with excellent conditions all year round and excellent, professionally designed courses to match.

Other Facilities:

• The World – Theatre
• Executive Golf Courses
• Grand Canal
• Central Park
• Polo Club
• Equestrian Centre
• Theme Park
• Botanical Gardens
• Arnold Palmer Signature Stadium Golf (managed by IMG)
• Sea World
• Water Park
• Cinema Complex


The Resort of Sahl Hasheesh is located just 25 minutes from Hurghada International airport which has regular direct flights from all over Europe and Egypt.

Key Resort features

• Self Sustained Resort – Never need to leave
• Development controlled by ERC
• 20% maximum build density
• Strict height limits
• All public beaches
• Long Promenade (approx. 12 kms)
• Abu Hashish island has some of the best coral reefs in the region
• Only 20 minutes from Hurghada International Airport
• Serrenia 7* project
• Large, world class Marina

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